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Engaging the LSA Winter '13 Theme Semester

"Understanding Race," through Visual Culture

Welcome to "Understanding Race" through Visual Culture, Resources at the University of Michigan Museum of Art for the Winter 2013 LSA Theme Semester.

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Enrique Chagoya is a Mexican-American artist whose ironic recasting of icons of western culture encourage viewers to re-think dominant historical paradigms.



Romare Bearden worked to capture his African American experience in the Harlem Renaissance and the Civil Rights Movement within the traditions of European art.



Jose Clemente Orozco, Diego Rivera and David Siqueiros were Mexican muralists and print-makers of the early 20th century. They portrayed their compatriots in romantic, traditional or candid and unflinching ways.



Carrie May Weems, Betye Saar, and Maria Magdelena Campos- Pons are American and Cuban-American women whose work addresses issues of gender, sexuality and race.


P Young

Purvis Young portrays the injustice of inner city life as he saw it.



Andy Warhol and Robbie Roberson show the solidarity and violence of early Civil Rights marches.



Tyree Guyton and Jacob Lawrence were inspired by and had a sense of responsibility toward their respective communities.



Maria Martinez studied and recreated ancient ceramic techniques and taught three generations of her family to keep this tradition alive.



Glenn Ligon's art explores American history, literature, and society and invites the observer to question issues of race, sexuality, representation, and language.



Kara Walker's provocative, emotionally wrenching, beautiful and compelling work explores the problems of racism and sexism of the antebellum South that continue to haunt our society through pervasive stereotypes.



Sir Foster Cunliffe, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Frederick Douglass traded, owned, freed or were slaves. Their stories track the history of the slave trade and racism.


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