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The Student Programming and Advisory Council

The Student Programming and Advisory Council (SPAC) serves as a direct link between UM students and UMMA. It is dedicated to helping support UMMA’s mission of commitment to students and engagement with the arts.

The Mission of the Council

  • To increase student engagement with UMMA through participation and awareness
  • To plan and coordinate student events
  • Serve the Museum in an advisory capacity

Council Activities

Some examples of what the SPAC will be responsible for in cooperation with UMMA staff will include:

  • Produce student performance series on the third Thursday of each month in the UMMA Commons
  • Develop creative projects to engage students with UMMA's exhibitions and collections
  • Review applications for cosponsored events between UMMA and UM student organizations
  • Assist with annual events such as Artscapade, UMMA After Hours and Student Late Night

SPAC is a great opportunity to get experience working in a museum, and a great way to ensure that UM students have a voice at UMMA.

SPAC Members 2014–15

Haya Alfarhan (English)
Rachel Bissonnette (History of Art)
Cameron Bothner (Linguistics)
Evan Bruetsch (Architecture)
Andrea Cara (History of Art/History/Museum Studies)
Sydney Cavanagh (Art and Design)
Lexi Harounian (History of Art/Museum Studies)
Sarah Kang (Microbiology/ History of Art)
Kelsey Messina (History of Art/Museum Studies)
Lauren Plawecki (History of Art)
Jean Rafaelian (Cognitive Science/History of Art)
Amanda Schoonover (Environmental Health/Medical Anthropology)
David Song (Sound Engineering/ Computer Science)
Gabby Thoma (History of Art/Psychology)
Yurong Wu (Architecture)
Lu Zhang (Business/ Statistics)
Max Zwolan (History)