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Cosponsorship of UM Student Events

Are you interested in holding your student event at UMMA? You could qualify for an Education Department cosponsorship!

UMMA is thrilled to be the home of a variety of student-produced programs and events, and it is our goal to, whenever possible, provide additional support for events that align closely with the Museum’s educational mission.

What’s the benefit of a cosponsorship?
- There is NO rental fee for the program/event space*
- UMMA will publicize the program/event through all of the Museum’s e-media: website, social media, and enewsletter.

*Student organizers will be responsible for all other costs associated with production, including, but not limited to, tech support and furniture or equipment rental.

If you are interested in adding catering to your event, the rental costs for this will NOT be covered in the cosponsored agreement, meaning you will need to pay the rental fee for this additional space. Requests to reserve space for catering will be managed by the Facilities Department once your program/event has been approved for cosponsorship. We offer reduced rental rates for students.

Who qualifies for a cosponsorship?
• The organizing group should be a registered student organization and have a shortcode—or be sponsored by a department with access to this shortcode.
• The proposed event/program must be open to the public, and organizers may NOT sell tickets
• The proposed event/program may NOT be a fundraiser
• The event/program should seek to educate and should align with the Museum’s mission as described below.

UMMA’s Mission:
The University of Michigan Museum of Art seeks to transform individual and civic life by promoting the discovery, contemplation, and enjoyment of the art of our world.

How to Apply


Send an email to Requests MUST be sent at least six weeks in advance.

In the email include the following:

• A list of desired dates and times (including start and end time; please indicate estimated amount of time for set up and take down)
• Desired Museum space (Auditorium, Apse*, Multipurpose Room)
• Type of event/brief description of what will happen
• Expected A/V requirements
• Estimated number of attendees


Once we have determined that a date and time is available, we will contact you to request a proposal. Your proposal must include a description of the program/event and explain how the program/event aligns with the Museum’s mission (see above).

Your proposal should include the following:
• Explanation of the goal of your event/program and how you plan to achieve it
• Detailed description, i.e. "run of show"
• Explanation of how your event/program aligns with the Museum's mission (see above)
• Publicity plans, outside of what UMMA can offer
(We understand that in the course of planning some of these details may change)

Feel free to attach any materials (fliers, programs, etc...) that you think will help give a fuller picture of the proposed event/program. The more detailed you can be the better!

If you cannot fully answer or address all of these issues, we still encourage you to apply. We just ask that you include as much detailed information as possible.

What are my options other than cosponsorship?
We understand that cosponsorship is not right for every event. UMMA offers reduced rental rates for student organizations. A rental event does not need to be open to the public or align with the Museum’s mission specifically, and may include catering. If you are interested in renting, please send a brief description of your event, including prefered dates to:


* Please note, the Apse is available on a very limited basis