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New York Art Advisor and Collector Lisa Applebaum Haddad Donates $150,000 to Museum’s Expansion and Restoration Project

With tremendous enthusiasm and praise for the Museum’s expansion and restoration project, UM alumna and UMMA National Advisory Board member Lisa Applebaum Haddad has donated $150,000 to the building campaign.

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Lisa Applebaum Haddad

“Lisa has been a wonderful friend and valued advisor for some years now and I’m thrilled that she has chosen to honor us with this very generous gift, which is a terrific vote of confidence for the Museum’s building project,” said UMMA Director James Steward. “Her enthusiasm and commitment as a younger alumna is helping us to reach out to others of her generation in support of the visual arts.”

“Just as in life, UMMA must grow in order to continue to thrive. This project needed to happen; it is the direct result of the dramatic dilemma the Museum faces—the inability to adequately present its collections, exhibitions, and programs,” said Ms. Applebaum Haddad. “UM is such a culturally rich university, and this building will be another feather in its cap. It will make such a difference for the University and for the entire southeastern Michigan region. There’s no doubt it will be another must-see destination for culture tourists around the country.”

“I feel fortunate and compelled to help the University and the Museum maintain their world-class level in the arts,” continued Ms. Applebaum Haddad. “Having James Steward at the helm, with his tireless advocacy and dedication to keeping the project on track, you knew this project would succeed. I feel so confident in James’s visionary leadership—I really wanted to stand behind it.”

An LS&A alumna who majored in history of art, Ms. Applebaum Haddad was raised in Bloomfield Hills and attended Andover High School. Her family passed on an abiding love of art and maintains strong ties to UM: her father—who owned Arbor Drugs— and younger sister are also graduates of Michigan.

Ms. Applebaum Haddad fondly remembers visiting the Museum in her undergraduate days at Michigan, often to analyze and study particular works in the collection for art history research papers. She moved to New York City after graduation to pursue a retail career, and subsequently embarked on her life’s work in the arts, first at Sotheby’s auction house and then at a Soho gallery. After completing Sotheby’s one-year American arts course, she launched an art advisory business and began her own collecting activities, in which she focuses on contemporary art in all media, with a particular focus on emerging artists.

In addition to her position on UMMA’s National Advisory Board, Ms. Applebaum Haddad is active with New York cultural institutions, including the photography acquisition committee at the Guggenheim Museum and the film and new media acquisition committee at the Museum of Modern Art. She travels frequently to museums, galleries, and contemporary art fairs around the world.

Speaking about the Museum’s building design, Ms. Applebaum Haddad commented: “I love everything about the design, especially how it is integrated with the Diag path, encouraging students and others to dip into the Museum for an art ‘charge.’ And the building is going to be exquisite at night. The entire design has such presence—it’s going to be amazing.”

Ms. Applebaum Haddad resides in New York City with her husband, George, and daughter, Mia. Her parents and sister live in suburban Detroit.