Experience art. Connect with people. Find personal relevance in the art of today. Look closely and discover ideas expressed in art throughout history and across cultures. Be challenged, and engage in active learning.

The above are only some of the motivations that attracted more than 40,000 people to participate in both formal and informal learning experiences at UMMA. From U-M class visits and student events, to concerts, gallery conversations and lectures or family oriented programming like Storytime or Family Art Studio, UMMA offers visitors of all ages inspiring ways to dive deeper, relax and de-stress, or take time to be curious and wonder about all that art offers.


Student Engagement

What makes UMMA a unique part of the university community is the degree to which students are engaged with every aspect of the Museum—contributing in creative and imaginative ways that in turn have a substantive impact on UMMA’s public engagement and the visitor experience. Through the Student Engagement Council, and student docents, interns and research associates, UMMA shapes the scholars and leaders of the next generation. 


“UMMA does an incredible job of working with diverse groups and organizations to give the campus and Ann Arbor communities amazing events that interest various groups of people.”

Nicole Khamis – Residential College, Class of 2017

Student Partners

Every year, UMMA partners with student organizations to create a space for student ideas and voices.

The Mirrored Image

Since 2014, SEC members have curated installations for the study cases in the education wing of the Museum. This year’s project, The Mirrored Image, is a visual conversation about issues of identity and the self. 

Student Engagement Council's project, The Mirrored Image


Teaching and Learning

Whether for U-M and other university instructors and students, for K-12 teachers and students, or adult learning, UMMA designs experiences to serve as catalysts for cross-disciplinary learning and “thinking through art.” UMMA offers diverse entry points to the art of today as well as from the global histories represented in UMMA’s collections and exhibitions.

“If minorities and oppressed people are not seen--whether that's in society in general or through art -- then society is lesser for not benefitting from their rich culture and contributions. Engaging in sessions such as the one we had on Friday for African Studies 111 reaffirms the fact that African and African-American art occupies the space of fine art in spite of classic notions holding otherwise. These sessions are bringing artists of color into popular consciousness. That's powerful.”

Brittany Boyle – undergraduate in Sandra Gunning’s class, AAS 111 – Introduction to Africa and Its Diaspora

Group Tours at UMMA

Learn more about options for exploring our collection during your visit


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at UMMA

Since 2012, UMMA has made engagement with classes that address issues such as race, class, and gender a central priority of our contribution to university learning. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at UMMA


Public Programs

UMMA has built partnerships across campus and beyond to offer the campus community and the public an annual array of dynamic and engaging public programs. These programs offer a broad range of opportunities to participate and explore, learn and create. Over four dozen partnerships ensure that what is relevant to today’s world is explored in and through art. Events include gallery conversations and lectures, concerts and performances, lectures and UMMA Dialogues, film screenings, classes, group tours, Storytime and Family Art Studio, as well as the Meet Me programs for people living with memory loss.

"This was a rich, beautiful, fantastically moving performance.
The young performers and composers are stars."

- Audience member, remarking on the SMTD@UMMA Performance Series 


A series that presents 6-8 unique performances each year that connect with the exhibitions, collections, and spaces of UMMA and showcases the talent of SMTD faculty, students and staff.