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Love Art More

If given the opportunity to have dinner with any artist, it would most certainly be a hard decision, but I would have to choose Claude Monet. However, instead of dinner we would get together for breakfast. Ideally we would meet in the summer  on a early morning at a small cafe in Argenteuil, Paris. Rather than a large meal, the only thing we would share other than a few croissants or pastries, would be several cups of coffee. Although I would hope to have flowing conversation, I imagine the morning to be filled with Monet trying to explain what 19th and 20th century life in Paris was like. Later, we would discuss some of the inspirations for many of his works as well as the theme of using modernization as a subject for experimentation in art. After many hours of conversation and explaining the day-to-day scene, he would take me around Paris and Argenteuil and show me some of his favorite places to hang out with friends, or to get away from the city to find leisure.  

History of Art 2015