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            Whether it is her articulate diction, heart-wrenching plots, or moral underpinnings, Jodi Picoult has touched millions of people worldwide with her page-turning, scintillating books. From her poignant story of a girl whose existence is based on helping her sister fight leukemia to the tragic, yet complex tale of a man on death-row whose dying wish is to donate his heart to the sister of one of his victims, Picoult has opened up a Pandora’s box and has asked the reader to put it back together. I always yearn to read Picoult’s next novel, providing me with another opportunity to examine the challenges we face as mankind. For these reasons I would choose Jodi Picoult as the artist I would take on a dinner date. We would sit in a restaurant eating delicious pasta while sipping on sweet champagne. We would discuss a whole wide range of topics–––from the details she puts into her novels to the moral bedrocks of life her stories expose. I would ask her as many questions as I could and by the end of the evening I’m sure I would look down at my plate and realize I hadn’t had a chance to begin eating my pasta.        

Political Science 2017