For Students
Love Art More

Prompts by Type

Dear Art,

Write a letter to a work of art that was important to you during a memorable moment in your life. Submit your letter along with an image, title, and artist of the artwork.

Be the Curator

Curate an art exhibition in a public place. Select a series of artworks you really like and make black & white Xerox copies of the images from the internet, books and magazines. Find a public place, a bulletin board, a fence, or a wall, and post your exhibition. Write a curatorial statement describing the artworks, the theme of your exhibition (if there is one), and your feelings about the work, and post your statement along with the exhibition. (Don't make "art" from other artist's work--no collages. Just display the images as if you were a curator at a museum.) Take a picture or make a video of your exhibition, and a close up of your curatorial statement so that it is readable. Submit the photos/video.

Dinner Date

If you could have dinner with any artist, living or dead, who would it be? What would you eat? And what would you talk about? Please give as much detail as possible. Submit your written response.

Find a Friend

Find a friend who has never been to UMMA and take them to the Museum. Interview them about their visit. Ask things like: What did you enjoy most about your visit? What was your favorite work of art? What was your least favorite work of art? Will you go back?  – and anything else you can think of. Your interview can be written, or conducted via audio or video. Submit your interview along with a photo of your friend at the museum. 

Write a Haiku

Write a haiku about art. Submit your haiku.

Hypothetical Gift

If you could give any artwork in the world to someone else as a gift, what would it be? Who would you give it to? And what would you write in the card? Submit an image of the artwork with your answers.