For Students
Love Art More

Prompts by Type

Be a Fashion Designer

Design a piece of clothing inspired by your favorite work of art. Submit an image of your design, and if you can make the real deal, submit a photo of someone modeling the piece. 

Play with Your Food

Recreate a work of art using food as your medium. Submit a photo of your final masterpiece.

UMMA Doppelgänger

Check out UMMA's fashion. The paintings and sculptures at UMMA have some great clothes! Find one that stands out to you and see if you can mimic it. Get a photo of your ensemble and your UMMA doppelganger and submit them. UMS presents "The Suit" at the Power Center, Wednesday, February 19th through Saturday, February 22nd!

Bring Clothing to Life

Bring a piece of clothing to life. Try and animate a piece of clothing: a dress eating dinner, a sweater dancing, anything! Take a picture or make a short video of your illusion to submit. UMS presents "The Suit" at the Power Center, Wednesday, February 19th through Saturday, February 22nd!

Be the Curator

Curate an art exhibition in a public place. Select a series of artworks you really like and make black & white Xerox copies of the images from the internet, books and magazines. Find a public place, a bulletin board, a fence, or a wall, and post your exhibition. Write a curatorial statement describing the artworks, the theme of your exhibition (if there is one), and your feelings about the work, and post your statement along with the exhibition. (Don't make "art" from other artist's work--no collages. Just display the images as if you were a curator at a museum.) Take a picture or make a video of your exhibition, and a close up of your curatorial statement so that it is readable. Submit the photos/video.

Earth Art

Have you ever heard of Earth Art? Recreate a work of art or create your own using materials from nature. Submit a photo of your artwork and describe the process of making it.

Give Art a Hug

Hug a work of public art. Go to university’s public art website (, choose a work of art to visit, give it a hug, and submit a photo! Write about why you chose that artwork, if you were surprised in any why when you saw it in person, and how it felt to give it a hug (don’t forget to include the title, artist, and location of the artwork).

To the Library!

Visit the Tappan Fine Art library and pick up a book at random, turn to page 46 or 146 and write down the third complete sentence or the artwork on that page. Take a photo of the book and submit it along with your documentation.

It’s Snowing!

Make a sculpture out of snow. Take a photo and submit it.

Postcard to the Future

Purchase or make a postcard then write a message on it to a future University of Michigan student. Visit a campus library and explore the stacks. Select a random book and stick the postcard between the pages. Take a picture of the postcard in the book then return the book to the shelf. Submit your photos! 

Hungry for Art

Chose any piece of art at UMMA that "makes you hungry" and see if you can create or think of a recipe that reminds you of that artwork. Submit the recipe along with an image of the artwork (include title and artist of artwork).

Art Rendezvous

Spend a loooong time with one artwork at UMMA, like at least 15 minutes. Pay close attention to your physical and emotional responses. Write about the experience (be sure to include the title of the artwork and name of the artist). Submit an image of the artwork with your written response.

Find a Friend

Find a friend who has never been to UMMA and take them to the Museum. Interview them about their visit. Ask things like: What did you enjoy most about your visit? What was your favorite work of art? What was your least favorite work of art? Will you go back?  – and anything else you can think of. Your interview can be written, or conducted via audio or video. Submit your interview along with a photo of your friend at the museum. 

Tattoo You

Do you have a tattoo of a famous artwork or artist? Submit a photo of it! Don’t have one? Draw one on yourself (or ask a friend to help) and submit a photo of it.

Ready-Made Art

Create a work of ready-made art – an everyday object selected and shown as a work of art. Submit a photo of your artwork on display along with the title of your artwork. Tell us where it was on display.