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Love Art More

Prompts by Type

Let's Talk About Art

Join us at Student Late Night at UMMA from 8-11pm on Thursday, April 10.  Interarts Performance students, Marisa Diamond and Nikki Horowitz invite you to talk about art.  

"We are interested in exploring why art museums are often very quiet places, and why people tend to keep their opinions and criticisms in their heads.  We will ask you questions like “Why do you love art?”, “What does art mean to you?”, “Why is art important?”, “What would make you love art more?” then photograph you with your written response. We want your help to un-silence art museums!"

Bring Clothing to Life

Bring a piece of clothing to life. Try and animate a piece of clothing: a dress eating dinner, a sweater dancing, anything! Take a picture or make a short video of your illusion to submit. UMS presents "The Suit" at the Power Center, Wednesday, February 19th through Saturday, February 22nd!

Give Art a Hug

Hug a work of public art. Go to university’s public art website (, choose a work of art to visit, give it a hug, and submit a photo! Write about why you chose that artwork, if you were surprised in any why when you saw it in person, and how it felt to give it a hug (don’t forget to include the title, artist, and location of the artwork).

Acting Like Art

Recreate a work of art using other people or yourself as models. Take a picture of your updated artwork and Submit it. 

Become a Statue

Pose like a statue in a public space and see how others interact with you. Try dressing up in costume! Have a friend take photos or video. Submit your documentation along with some notes about the experience.