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A Real Tear-Jerker

Draw a scene from a movie that made you cry. Rent a movie that made you cry. Fast-forward to the exact point that really got you and pause the movie. Now draw this freeze-frame as accurately as possible. Also draw the TV and the table or surface that the TV is sitting on. Don't draw any other details of the room; this picture should be floating in the middle of an otherwise blank piece of paper. Draw everything as realistically as you can; don't be interpretive. Please do not use a computer to make your drawing. Scan or take a picture of your drawing. Please make sure that your image is clear and in focus. Give your drawing a title, such as "When Tom Hanks sees the dolphins in "Castaway." However, don't write your title on the drawing. Please include your title separately.

When the musicians return to play a final song at the end of "Titanic".

Creative Writing and Literature 2016

When Ellie dies in the Disney movie Up.

History of Art 2015

When Mufasa died and Simba cries

Art History, Psychology 2015