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Love Art More

Give Art a Hug

Hug a work of public art. Go to university’s public art website (, choose a work of art to visit, give it a hug, and submit a photo! Write about why you chose that artwork, if you were surprised in any why when you saw it in person, and how it felt to give it a hug (don’t forget to include the title, artist, and location of the artwork).

Paul Suttman
1967; Bronze; Sculpture
Central Campus; In the Garden, east side of Martha Cook Residence

Lady of the Garden is one of the most empathic public works of art on campus. She is a freestanding human sculpture, with a slightly larger than life anatomical ratio. The dripping bronze molded into her cheeks seems to solidify into tears. Her solemn face beckons one to give her a hug. Hugging the Lady of the Garden felt like consoling a big sister. 

History of Art 2016