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Love Art More

Dear Art,

Write a letter to a work of art that was important to you during a memorable moment in your life. Submit your letter along with an image, title, and artist of the artwork.

Dear Duchamp's Fountain,

The first time I ever saw you was in my AP Art History class I took my junior year of high school. You made me realize how art can be found all around us and every day. You weren't the first image of modern art I have ever seen, but you have become my representation in understanding what modern art is all about. You have resonated with me so well because during the AP Exam I was stumped on your name, and after I thought about it deeply, your name came to mind. I thank you for being so revolutionary and so representative of my personal art experience journey. 



Information, Spanish 2016

Dear Abstract Form by Peter Voulkos

Thanks for shaping my artistic desires at the beginning of my filmmaking adventures. It was by chance that we met several years ago. My peers rejected you as anything close to art but I believed there was something about you that others refused to see. I felt that something needed to be shown to other people. Because of you, I was stirred to create films that reflected that nature and truth of all things. Several years later this is still one of my guiding principles in everything I create.

I apologize and wish we could have done you good by creating a short that thoughtfully interpreted your meaning. Know that every time I pass you in the museum you have a special place in my heart as a work of art that inspired me to not settle for doing something easy and to always search for a deeper meaning.


J. D

Screen Arts and Cultures 2014