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Let's Talk About Art

Join us at Student Late Night at UMMA from 8-11pm on Thursday, April 10.  Interarts Performance students, Marisa Diamond and Nikki Horowitz invite you to talk about art.  

"We are interested in exploring why art museums are often very quiet places, and why people tend to keep their opinions and criticisms in their heads.  We will ask you questions like “Why do you love art?”, “What does art mean to you?”, “Why is art important?”, “What would make you love art more?” then photograph you with your written response. We want your help to un-silence art museums!"

Computer engineering 2014

pre architecture 2017

English and Psychology 2014

Spanish 2016

psych 2016

music 2014

Interarts Performance 2015

Mr. Awesome Wannabe Art Kid: Feat. MojoJojo, Davey Jones,
Art and Design/Music Production 2015

Mathematics 2014

Interarts Performance 2016

aerospace 2017

English/Creative Writing 2017

Jazz Studies/Performing Arts Technology Dual Major 2014

Political Science and International Studies 2015

architecture 2015

Wonza and Nina!
Musical Theater 2015

Kinari Shah and Aniket Ramshekar
BCN, minor in Art History. Cell and Molecular Biology/Biomedical Engineering 2016

Art and Design 2017


I would Love art more if she Loved me back

Eglish 2016

Bioengineering 2015

Yeah, I mean pens
Art and Design 2017

Art and Design 2017

Money is the art and language
Art and Design 2017

Doo Kim
Art and Design 2016

Shelby Polisuk, Matt Bozzo & Ian Vamossy
Engineer 2017

School of Information 2015

PITE 2014

Let's talk about Art, baby! ...
Interarts Performance 2016