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Hypothetical Gift

If you could give any artwork in the world to someone else as a gift, what would it be? Who would you give it to? And what would you write in the card? Submit an image of the artwork with your answers.

Edouard Manet, Dejeuner Sur L'herbe, 1863...

I would give my mother Manet's Dejeuner Sur L'herbe (1863)

In the card I would write: Thank you for always pushing me to be myself... Even if I came off looking a little crazy!

History of Art 2015

I would give my father Claude Monet's Water Lilies (1906). 

The card would read:  "You always loved lilies best. In case of an emergency, auction this to take care of things. It should cover it. (as long as we manage to not damage the painting)." 

English 2016