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Art History 2014

The name of the book I picked is Unbuilt Roads: 107 Unrealized Projects. On page 46, there is a proposal for an installation and the third sentence reads, "I would like to challenge the hierarchical structure which is placed on the different orifices of the body, the upper orifices being considered more respectable than the lower ones and all the functions related to the lower ones being completely sreened-off and tabooed".


History of Art 2014

There are so many artists I'd love to have dinner with, like Leonardo da Vinci or Hieronymus Bosch, Daumier or Delacroix, Toulouse Lautrec or Salvador Dali, or Joseph Beuys or Ai Wei Wei. But the romantic in me would love to go back in time to late 19th century Paris and meet Cezanne in a warm cafe in the winter to talk about art, Paris, and modern life. Paris at the turn of the century was a hub of political, artistic, and technical modernization and Cezanne, at least in my mind, would have had a rather grounded, but insightful perspective on what was happening. I also imagine him as being one of the first "modern" artists and ushering in a new way to see and paint that would eventually lead to abstract expressionism and the leaps that were made in art during his life time by him and by his friends and contemporaries is fascinating to me.

As I mentioned, I would want it to be winter and snowing. We would be eating coq au vin and drinking read wine and eventually vin chaud for hours next to a fireplace in a little cafe in Montmartre. Friends like Degas or Gauguin would pass through and the whole place, though not big, would be humming with Parisians coming in, running into each other, and grabbing a warm drink or dinner at this cozy neighborhood cafe to escape from the snowy night.

History of Art 2014

This is what I remember from a drawing I did when I was probably about 5 years old. It was an illustration in a book I wrote about a dog named Spot (inspired by the TV show) and I remember that on this particular page I had drawn Spot sleeping and wrote something along the lines of "Spot took his afternoon nap. When Spot woke up he was sad because it was raining and he couldn't go to the beach."

That may not be completely correct, but I know it went something like that.

History of Art 2014