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Love Art More

If I could have dinner with any artist, it would be Johnny Depp. I am a huge fan of the actor, and I find his work to be unique and full of element, quality, and meaning. We would eat at a nice French restaurant because he has lived in France for a significant amount of time, and his children are fluent in the language as well. There would definitelybe a lot to talk about his living experience in France and how he finds it different from the United States. In addition,  I would discuss his personal journey and how he feels that he, as both an actor and a person, has changed over the years. I would ask him why he doesn't watch his own films, how he chooses the various films that he undertakes, and how he consciously or unconsciously brands his self-image in the Hollywood industry. I find him to be an actor with tremendous depth and caliber, and it would be an honor to share a few hours with someone who can allow me to learn and absorb from his experiences on a personal level.

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