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Pablo Picasso
Spain, 1881–1973
Two Girls Reading (Deux Enfants Lisant), 1934
Oil on canvas
Gift of The Carey Walker Foundation, 1994/1.67

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UMMA Art Pick: Comments 31

Robert P. Kelch, M.D
Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs
University of Michigan
CEO, UM Health System

I love many of these works of art, but the one that "really catches my fancy" is #31, Two Girls Reading by Pablo Picasso. The vibrant colors and dramatic distortions fascinate me.

Angela waterford

I was so surprised to see a Piscasso painting in the museum during my visit. He is one of my favorite artists. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

Sarah Kennedy Ann Arbor/MI

I find the tender quality of this painting touching, and the combination of colors, striking. The warmth and love conveyed between the two girls moves me deeply, in part because these are not qualities I associate with Picasso's work.


Carol Knox Chelsea, MI

We have missed the UMMA while it was closed and are thrilled that it is ready to open again.

Trish Reed brighton, mi

love picasso!

Melissa Riba Lansing, MI

Carrie Throm Ann Arbor

I am a softie for turn-of-the-centry modern art. I love the vibrant colors and the depiction -- how can I not think of my daughter and me reading Harry Potter together when I look at this? Thanks!

norah ann arbor mi

I chose this painting because I love reading!

Rick A2, MI

Susan Thompson Ann Arbor

I first visited the Museum as an undergraduate when I needed to write a paper for my art history class. Two Girls Reading drew me in and has been a favorite of mine ever since. I'm glad it will be on view again so I can visit it regularly. P.S. Wish Frankenthaler's Sunset Corner was a choice, too. I could look at that for hours.

William Gosling Ann Arbor, MI

As a librarian, I relate to this this work as it captures the plesaure in the reading experience. While in Picasso's Cubist style, it is very realistic at the same time, capturing the magic of that act. The color scheme is also bright and cheery, over all an uplifting work.

Melissa Ann Arbor, MI

Judy Van Horn Pinckney, MI


Christina Ann Arbor MI

love the colors


I like the colors and the use of shapes. Despite the sharp lines it somehow creates a soft feel and portrays a sense of warmth and closeness between the two girls. Sisters.

MB Lewis  Ann Arbor/MI

We're a university; everyone reads. Picasso is both classic and modern. The work communicates clearly and brilliantly. Cubism rocks.

Rick Hammond Ann Arbor, Michigan

I've always enjoyed the work of Picasso and enjoy trying to understand his motivation.

Linda Paul