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John Stanley
United States, 1814–1872
Mount Hood from The Dalles, 1871
Oil on canvas
Gift of Mrs. Edith Stanley Bayles and the late Mrs. Jane C. Stanley, 1940.426

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Jim Brandstatter
Michigan Wolverines football radio analyst

Robbie Timmons Brandstatter
Anchor, ABC News

Jim: Robbie and I both selected this piece without discussing our choice with each other. The one word that came to us when we saw it was, “Majestic.”

We also felt a connection to the piece because it was by an American, and the subject was in the USA. As Robbie put it, the water in the foreground takes your eyes right to the top of spectacular Mt. Hood in the background. In its own way it’s appropriate for the grand opening of the museum. Michigan prides itself on being the leaders and best, and this piece puts the museum at the top of the mountain.

Jerry May
Vice President for Development

I have always loved Stanley's Mt. Hood from the Dalles because we have family from the Dalles and the view is breathtaking to see in person. The age of the painting gives me a sense of the hundreds of generations or more who have been able to enjoy this ancient mountain, so solitary and so strong.


Kevin Tang Ann Arbor

The mountain is beautiful.

Kristen Kern Portland, Oregon

It was a happy surprise to see the painting of what looked very much like the mountain I see daily upon entering the museum.

Kent Neigebauer Ann Arbor, MI.

Always loved this picture.

Mary Kern Portland/Oregon

Living in Portland I see Mt. Hood every day it's visible.

Sheila Symanski Clifton CO

I am so glad to hear you are re-opening. We need this in the US.


Peter Throm Ann Arbor, MI

This painting reminds my daughter Emma of Hokusai's painting of 36 views of Mt. Fuji

Patty Warman Vancouver, Washington

I see this mountain every day on my drive to work--when it is not raining! How wonderful to think of Stanley painting it so long ago.

C Kayden Canton, MI

Cheryl Meszaros Brighton, Michigan

I like it for it's serene beauty

Mark Comstock Ann Arbor, MI

Beautiful. The contrasts are really something

Pat Marts Ypsilanti, MI

They are all lovely, but this piece just has such depth and detail that you feel as if you are there.

Bill Martin Ann Arbor, MI

Physical beauty persistent through the ages.

Robin Ann Arbor

Leeya Correll Ann Arbor, MI

I love how this piece evokes the vastness of nature and we see so many different aspects and textures of the landscape.

Susan Campos Dundee, MI

Debbie Johnson Stockbridge/MI

I want to be there enjoying the view and surroundings, taking it all in.

Kyle Green A2 Michigan

Lee Green

The eye is at once drawn to snow-covered Mt. Hood, but then starts noticing the wealth of subtler detail. There are many layers to what initially seems just a landscape.

Sara Ann Arbor, MI

I love landscapes, and this one seems to have a delicacy to it, in spite of it's grandeur.

Diane Walton Ann Arbor

Denise Taylor-Moon Ann Arbor, MI

Reminds one of the beauty of this country.

Andrew Sugerman

Chris Krenz