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Louis Comfort Tiffany
United States, 1848–1933
Peacock Mosaic from entrance hall of the Henry O. Havemeyer House, New York, 1890–1891
Iridescent cabochon glass, pottery, plaster
Transfer from the College of Architecture and Design, 1986.146.9

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Sada Jacobson
University of Michigan graduate student and silver medalist in fencing, 2008 Olympics

This mosaic is my favorite...after all, who doesn't love something from Tiffany's?  The colors are so vibrant—this must have been a beautiful focal piece at the Havemeyer House.

Sunny Stony Brook, NY

Mosaic is such a classic, timeless art form that blends sculpture and painting into one amazing medium. The bird theme is gorgeous and Tiffany is one of the most notable names in American art.

John Tucker Ann Arbor, MI

I helped to rescue this from the dumpster at the old A&D Building. This sat under my bed for years. It has always been one of my favorite pieces because it reminds me of going to the old A&D Building with my step father, Gerome Kamrowski.

Charis Carmichael Braun New York, New York

So THIS is where this mosaic is located! I had a postcard of this work, which I included in my very first oil still-life. I absolutely love it, and am so happy to have now located it!

Janet Rost Livonia Michigan

It contains my favorite colors and it's a fantasy; symmetrical, yet whimsical; it makes me want to make a quilt of it.

Diana Ann Arbor

NM Porter Ypsilanti, MI

Natalie Matuszczak Ann Arbor, MI

Peyton Bland Ann Arbor

It is a pleasure to recognize this work of the great Louis Comfort Tiffany -- a real American treasure.

Laura Seagram Ann Arbor, MI

When I was a student in LS&A in the early 80s I took a couple of art history classes. I have memories of tiny classrooms and viewing pieces on not very good slides. I am excited about UMMA's transformation and how much better it will be for students to learn about and experience art! I chose the Tiffany piece because of the colors and intricacy of the mosaic tiles. I can't wait to see it in person.

Kelsey Hargesheimer Ann Arbor

i love them all and it was very hard to choose!

anne s. rhoades dexter MI

When I saw this piece on display at my last visit, I found it riveting and enchanting in its color and symmetry.


Joanne Powell Grand Rapids, MI

The vivid colors of this piece immediately attracted my eye. The peacock's tail is beautiful and obviously took a lot of time and care to create.

Kevin Zheng Ann Arbor, MI

I like the Tiffany Peacock Mosaic because it is shiny and colorful. The colors feel warm like being out in the sun. I like art in general because it makes color and you can create things.

Lee Doyle Ann Arbor, MI

I love handcrafted decorative arts combining color, texture and patterns of design.

Allison Correll Ann Arbor

Mosaics never cease to amaze me. Every piece must be placed with the same amount of care as the next, no matter if it is a part of an intricate feather or simply the ground. The detail that is achieved is astounding and the colors bring the peacocks to life.

Lainie Kokas

Vibrant colors juxtaposed with delicate feathers- Tiffany paints with tiles.

Joanne Marbut Ann Arbor, MI

It's a lovely grand piece fit for an entrance way to entice guests and welcome them to a home. Beautiful, graceful, Tiffany.

Kyle Jackowski Saline, MI

Tricia J Ann Arbor

I've worked on mosaics and know how much effort is involved in their creation. I love the combination of structure (the regular grid near the bottom) and freedom (the tail feathers, the curves) in this piece. I've seen it in person and know it's gorgeous!

Karen Gonzalez Whitmore Lake, MI

Reminds me of Edsel Ford High School in Dearborn, where we had peacocks in the center court

Anita Bohn Ann Arbor, MI

Paula Frank Ann Arbor MI

Nancy Asin Ann Arbor, MI

JKWard Ypsi/MI

I love the beautiful colors of blue! I've always thought of Peacocks as being one of natures most stately looking birds, unbelievable noise they make not withstanding!

Jan Eveswell

Art Deco Stained Glass can take your breath away

Peggy Behrendt Ann Arbor, MI

Julie Fedolak Warren, Michigan

Jan Brandon Ann Arbor, Michigan

This piece by Louis Comfort Tiffany tops my list. ... It is uniquely American and uses glass in the most beautiful way. Learning that he began his glass career using cheap jelly jars because he loved their imperfections both amazes me and gives me great joy!