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Sarah Kennedy Ann Arbor/MI

31. Two Girls Reading

I find the tender quality of this painting touching, and the combination of colors, striking. The warmth and love conveyed between the two girls moves me deeply, in part because these are not qualities I associate with Picasso's work.


36. Basílica do Palácio Nacional de Mafra

Myriam Munguia Nuevo Leon, Mexico

9. Roses and Flowers in a Glass

i love it!... I went there like 2 weeks ago.... it is amazing!

T. Rojas Ann Arbor, MI

32. Begin the Beguine

Just something about the colors and motion here--lots going on, but not so much that one is overwhelmed. Makes you want to stop and take it in.

Paula Miska Ann Arbor, MI

3. Nydia, the Blind Flower Girl of Pompeii

Nydia is searching for sounds of people to buy her flowers and we are searching for people to bring us fulfillment.


4. Mount Hood from The Dalles


1. Boyhood of Lincoln

Jenny Ann Arbor MI

7. Spring Landscape


11. Rembrandt in Velvet Cap and Plume

I love this sketch because it reminds us that art doesn't always need to be serious and heavy, it can also be funny.

Kevin Tang Ann Arbor

4. Mount Hood from The Dalles

The mountain is beautiful.


7. Spring Landscape

...beautifully evokes the hopefulness of Spring.


36. Basílica do Palácio Nacional de Mafra

T. Au Ypsilanti

34. Sphere with Colour

Simplicity rich with color.

Kristen Kern Portland, Oregon

4. Mount Hood from The Dalles

It was a happy surprise to see the painting of what looked very much like the mountain I see daily upon entering the museum.


10. Charity

This is my favorite of the choices, but my real favorite was the wooden "Stones in the River" (I think) sculpture. Wow.

Jenny Metamora, MI

19. Suit of armor, 19th century

What a great addition to every kid's favorite--the suit of armor! I've never seen a full suit of samurai armor in a museum before, and I can't wait to see all the details on this one!

Austin Selden Ann Arbor, MI

15. St. Jerome in His Study

It was so hard to choose between so many different things. What this painting means today and when it was painted is so mysteriously clear. the detail is unbelievable, especially with that date 1514. what a different time, what an insight.

Apoorvaa Joshi Ann Arbor, MI

32. Begin the Beguine

Pat Davis Indianapolis, IN

10. Charity

James Barritt

1. Boyhood of Lincoln

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