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Some Natural History

A video installation by Chris Doyle in the UM Media Union Gallery
September 9-October 4, 2000
daily noon to 6 pm, seven days a week
Media Union Gallery
Presented in conjunction with the regional video art project
VideoCulture: Three Decades of Video Art

Some Natural History
Chris Doyle
Some Natural History
video art

Combining common objects with the latest video technology, Chris Doyle's installation Some Natural History in the UM Media Union Gallery, presented by the UM Museum of Art and the Media Union, embodies Doyle's goal to make "nature" out of man-made construction material, and to do so in a strongly visual way that is both sensory and conceptual. This new project involves stop-action video showing groups of bricks in changing configurations. Student assistants will move the bricks daily so that they assume different shapes seen in the videos. As the student assistants move the bricks around, the structures will shift and the space itself will be revealed as malleable. The brick animation tapes will be shown on video monitors placed amid a "landscape" of sculptures made of actual bricks--a landscape which will change periodically. By arranging the brick sculptures on three large plywood platforms, each of which corresponds to a different theme--molecular structures, plant/animal forms, the urban environment--the artist defines a natural world.