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Past Exhibitions: 2006

Gregory Barsamian: Time and Transformation

June 25–September 17, 2006

Postcards from the Fringe, Gregory Barsamian, 2002

Gregory Barsamian
Postcards from the Fringe
Courtesy of the artist

Internationally acclaimed New York-based artist Gregory Barsamian (Armenian-American, b. 1953) creates three-dimensional animated sculptures that explore the language of the subconscious and celebrate the nature of dreams. In this exhibition, several of the artist's major kinetic sculptures illustrate the scientific principle of the persistence of vision, which is the phenomenon by which the human brain "fills in the blanks" between sequential images seen in rapid succession, creating an illusion of continuous motion. This phenomenon is most commonly exemplified by motion pictures and film. Utilizing rotating mechanical armatures and synchronized strobe lights, Barsamian creates works of art that seem to, inexplicably, morph familiar objects in unexpected ways to suggest visual narratives of the mind.

Barsamian's sculptures are derived from a personal study of his own dreams. Since 1983 he has kept a tape recorder next to his bed so that he can immediately record the content and imagery of his dreams upon waking. He finds three-dimensional animation the perfect medium to explore the mysterious world of the human subconscious.