Chatting with Philippa P.B. Hughes: A Social Sculptor

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Chatting with Philippa P.B. Hughes: A Social Sculptor

A print of the thick black outline of a circle. Within the circle is a semicircle.

Richard Serra, Untitled, from "The New York Collection for Stockholm: 30 Artists," 1973, lithograph on paper. UMMA, Gift of Mr. Robert Rauschenberg, 1976/2.128

Artist and social sculptor Philippa P.B. Hughes recently sat down with Student Advisory Board Members Sehrish Hussain and Jacob Ward to discuss her art practice. 

Take a listen to the fun and in-depth interview with Philippa below to hear her thoughts on topics like the intersectionality of being an artist (and a lawyer!), creating intentional spaces for honest conversations across political, social, and cultural differences, and more.



More of Philippa’s work can be found on her website and her Instagram

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Resident Artist Philippa Hughes

At UMMA, Hughes presents a series of dynamic and innovative social events that create space for human connection and meaningful interpersonal interactions.

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Jacob Ward is a senior in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance pursuing a BMA in Performance with a Minor in Performing Arts Management and Entrepreneurship. Merging his interests in music, fashion, and visual arts has led him to work at the UMMA to amplify the student voice.

Sehrish Hussain is a Junior dual-degree student pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Business Administration. For her, the intersection between business and art lies in making sustainable changes in who is represented in the art world.


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