Teachers, Guides, Interpreters

The Docents at the University of Michigan Museum of Art engage the community and each other in the exploration and enjoyment of art. They bring art to life for thousands of visitors each year. 

What is a Docent?

A docent is a teacher, guide, and interpreter. That definition doesn’t begin to explain, however, the components of the UMMA docent program. Docents use imaginations, ask questions, and discuss life with visitors and each other. Teaching in a museum setting requires flexibility and creativity; docents use their imaginations, ask questions, and discuss life with visitors and each other. 

Current docents are engaged in a virtual continuing education program focused on sharpening skills, teaching through an anti-racist lens, and learning from UMMA’s collection and community. Although UMMA is not actively recruiting new docents, if you are interested in learning more about teaching and learning in a museum setting, please contact Grace VanderVliet.


Docent Laurie Nutt

School children are central to the mission of the docent program. Jennifer Edwards (class of 2014) likes sharing the "love of art virus" with the children on her tours. For young, often first-time visitors, Frenza makes his tours “gently educational.” Every docent has memorable moments in touring. Masson recalls reading the writings that students started on a tour and that “it was exciting to see evidence of the tour's impact.”

In recent years, the content of tours and the interests of patrons have expanded. In addition to children, docents meet university students, adult visitors who are longtime UMMA devotees, and first-time visitors. 

Marlene Ross (class of 1998) has found that touring people with memory loss is very satisfying. “The tours create a bonding place for everyone involved,” she says. 

UMMA Docents celebrate 40 years of service

UMMA docents bring rich and diverse life experiences to their service which they share with each other, often providing unexpected joy and benefits. Jennifer Thomson (class of 2011) illuminates this aspect of being a docent: “The most unexpected benefit to me was meeting a whole new group of friends! We seemed to immediately connect over our love of art, travel, and learning new things.  I look forward to meeting more amazing people as new classes join the docent corps.”

We are not training a new class of docents at this time. However, if you have questions about the program or would like to add your name to the list for the next training season, please contact Grace VanderVliet at


"The docents as a group were very well informed and were very capable in drawing my students into discussion and observations regarding the various works of art. Thank you all for bringing art to life for our students!"

-6th Grade Educator

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