Gifts of Art

Gifts of Art are of great benefit to the Museum and are largely responsible for making UMMA’s collection one of the finest university collections in the country. If you are contemplating a gift of art, please complete this form.

Gift of Art Submissions

Thank you for considering UMMA for your gift of art.  

UMMA is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums and therefor follows a strict policy about accessioning art into the collections. We consider each potential gift of artwork carefully to ensure that it fits with our mission and collecting strategies. Our curators and Museum Director review the gift offers and then make a collective decision. If some/all of the works are approved for accessioning, we will return to the donor to inform them of the decision and work together to transfer works to UMMA.

It is the responsibility of the donor to get the work(s) to the museum, at his/her expense. If the work is valued over $5,000, then a professional appraisal is required by the museum (We cannot provide this service, since it is considered a conflict of interest).

Please provide the following information in order to prepare a gift proposal:

Gift of Art Submission Form