K-12 Downloads for Gallery and Classroom

K-12 Pre-Visit CHECKLIST

Use this checklist as a way to keep track of all the moving parts of a field trip. Break down pre-visit tasks, transportation details, and post-visit activities into a concrete timeline. Enjoy your UMMA experience!  

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Dive into nine artists’ biographies and backgrounds. These resources feature a variety of media–from drawing to design. Each one uses a work from UMMA’s collection as a launching pad to explore artistic methods, vocabulary, and themes. They’re ready to share with students or friends!

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Expand your horizons as you zero in on these images. Hunt through the galleries to find these specific works and celebrate when you have found all of them!  

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UMMA Coloring Pages

Print off a few pages to have around for a rainy day. Lots of fun options to choose from like Orion, Behind the Walls, and scenes of people in the galleries. 

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