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Apr 5

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center’s (SAPAC) 16th annual art show, “rEVOLUTION: transformation” aims to serve as a space for UM student victims and allies to bring awareness to the effects of sexual assault and the difficult, but necessary process of healing through creative expression. I interviewed three artists featured in the art show on Thursday to understand their art and what this exhibition means to them. Each of their artworks vary in subject matter, but together they form a story of healing and reflection.

Mar 17

Mythology Connections is a series centered around mythology in UMMA’s collection. We all had at least one mythology phase- Greek, Roman, Egyptian, whatever struck your fancy. Books like Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series definitely had a hand in that for some of us, and now Madeline Miller’s Song of Achilles has joined the ranks. This series seeks to reignite that phase, bringing us all back to our roots while making connections to the wonderful art in UMMA’s collection.

Mar 1

In honor of Black History Month (and continuing to celebrate Black history throughout the year), the UMMA Student Engagement Council would like to highlight African American artists in the UMMA collection. Black History Month shines a light on the history and experiences of African Americans. Through art, African American artists have and continue to share and explore their experiences and identities. As we reflect on Black History Month, we’d like to share some of our favorite African American artists and their works you can find at UMMA.

Feb 22

This text involves two voices: the first representing the third person, omniscient point of view and the second, first person point of view of Student A. The characters are nameless, representative of the two views I, the writer, have used to better understand the philosophical topic of ‘The real’.


Feb 12

The Muslim Creatives is a blog series that will highlight art made by Muslim creators at the University of Michigan. Themes of identity and community will be explored. The Muslim Creatives Collective on campus is where UMMA SEC Member Sehrish Hussain will be focusing on highlighting Muslim community members striving to learn, discuss, and challenge each other as creative thinkers and art makers.

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