Student Engagement Council

UMMA's Student Engagement Council (SEC) is an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience within a museum setting and give U-M’s student body a voice at UMMA.

SEC is a group of students with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences whose goal is to expand what UMMA can be for the student body. SEC is dedicated to create a culturally inclusive community through programmatic efforts, and amplifying student voices to shape the museum.

Opportunities for the SEC Leadership Board include:

  • Developing creative, diverse, and inclusive programs which engage students with UMMA’s exhibitions and collections
  • Interviewing artists and curators
  • Creative oversight and contributions on UMMA’s student blog, The Annex
  • Organizing installation and online exhibitions
  • Contributing to UMMA’s social media (@ummamuseum) and campus presence
  • and more!

QUESTIONS? Email briannon@umich.edu